My First Page

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to view my website! I’m Tina Harper, real estate agent, and I’m here to help you achieve your home buying and selling goals. Such events can alter your life, creating a different lifestyle for you and your family. It helps to have a seasoned Wyoming real estate veteran like myself to help you out, for I provide a wealth of knowledge for my clients. You have a 30-year expert in the market, showing you everything happening during the process. Whether you wish to move to a new town or find your dream house, I have you covered. Many qualities go into being an excellent professional, including integrity, in-depth community knowledge, marketing savvy, and practical negotiation skills. That person must also have the proper network to help you out, doing whatever it takes to provide the best outcome possible. That includes the best home inspectors and mortgage brokers in Wyoming. You can find all these hallmarks with my service, going above and beyond to accomplish your goals. I believe that you come first when you’re setting out to achieve your real estate dreams. That’s why you can trust me to help you, for I do everything possible to offer a personalized experience.

You wish to make Wyoming your new home, falling in love with the scenic landscape and mountain life. However, you’re unfamiliar with the area and need an industry leader to assist you. Never fear because I’m here to be your guide. I’ve been Casper’s trusted residential specialist for over three decades, showcasing the region’s best features. No matter if you want to find the perfect schools for your children or require a proficient lender, I’m here for you. I believe in using a “client-first philosophy,” creating a personalized experience for all buyers. That means crafting a search based on what you want, making matters more straightforward. I do this by actively listening to your desires, being accessible, and communicating any changes happening within the search. Such qualities made me the best in the region, earning me countless referrals along the way. I believe you deserve the best when searching for your dream house, making me the perfect agent for you. I also do this by helping people from different backgrounds, ranging from future retirees to first-time buyers. Regardless of where you come from, my mission is clear: developing a lasting relationship with everyone I serve, tailoring their search to their needs.

That “client-first philosophy” also applies to homeowners looking to move out of town. For one, you have an excellent seller’s agent to represent your needs. I’ve put my patron’s desires first, devising incredible offers that’ll benefit everyone involved. Being in the Wyoming real estate business for over three decades has given me a perspective on what works, sharpening my skills along the way. That belief has also provided me with fantastic methods and technology, helping my clients get out quickly. Helping you move on requires great advertisements and a proficient marketing strategy to get with my consultation. Whether you wish to use professional photography or want an innovative listing, I can help you out. My expertise has made me the top producer in the area, creating millions of dollars in property sales. Part of my service also involves being an active communicator and keeping in touch with you on everything. Not many agents inform their clients of everything going on, leaving them in the dark on where they stand. That’s not the case with my deliberation, for I’ll answer all calls at any time with professional advice. Other agents will call me to help list their homes, taking care of their clientele along the way. Such excellence is what makes me the best in the business.